Pizza Hut has teamed up with renowned Hong Kong restaurant Yung Kee to create a pizza of the utmost extravagance, named “Pizza Hut x Yung Kee’s Superior Exquisitely Handcrafted Victorious Best of the Best Flawlessly Exclusive Special Charcoal Roasted Flying Goose Pizza”. The long name is a nod to the extravagant names bestowed upon signature Chinese dishes!

Pizza Hut also created special pizza boxes that incorporated a built in rotating lazy susan typically found in Chinese restaurants to serve this pizza together with Yung Kee’s modern Chinese aesthetics meticulously printed on it so people can enjoy the world’s most famous pizza and Hong Kong’s renowned restaurant experience at home.

Ogilvy Hong Kong:

John Koay – Executive Creative Director
Amy Cheng – Associate Creative Director
Jo Wong – Senior Art Director
Adrienne Andaya – Senior Art Director
Alex Colgan – Copywriter
Wayne Tang – Art Director
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Vincent Lam – Group Account Director
Rachel Tsui – Account Manager
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Ray Lam – Content Lead
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