KFC invites Hong Kongers to “Indulge in a Krispy Break” 
with Bucketverse VR game

“Bucketverse VR”; a fun gaming experience designed to offer people in Hong Kong a brief escape from their everyday stress, as part of a their new “Indulge in a Krispy Break” campaign launching throughout the busy city this month.

The Bucketverse VR campaign is an immersive activation located in Hysan Place, situated in one of the most populated and busiest districts in the city, Causeway Bay. The game is housed inside a KFC Bucket-esque booth and transports chicken lovers, overworked office workers, anxious students, stressed new parents and overwhelmed citizens to another dimension where they can travel through a fun Hong Kong-inspired virtual world and relieve their stress by catching as much fried chicken as they can. Needless to say, the more chicken people catch, the more points they get, and the greater their reward of real-world fried chicken to indulge in a Krispy Break at KFC.

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